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Welcome to the Naturan Society
for peaceful ways of living

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The Naturan society is a free assembly of people who want to promote a peaceful way of life undogmatic, independent and unaffiliated .

Naturan means: living in harmony with nature, without harming or killing animals and plants.

Through a naturan way of life the existential needs of all life forms (humans, animals and plants) are respected within the scope of human activity.
In the naturan way of life, products are used which can be gained without harming or killing animals and plants.
Quality of life of a high level is reached through the use of undamaging products. When one becomes conscious of ones contribution to the well-being of all life forms through ones own lifestyle, an experience of happiness develops.

The core text is the book  Peaceful way of Life
Living - without harming or killing Animals or Plants  

At present the book is only available in German.

by A. Wang.  Respect for the Individual

The complete protection of nature in the form of respect for every living being has a beneficial effect on the well-being of humans.
Only when living beings are respected as individuals and their existential needs are taken into consideration, will environmental protection be practiced completely and the experience of harmony with nature will come into force.



We like to express our thanks to
A. and K. Walsh             
for the brilliant English translation.


Co-operation and Support

Ideas, suggestions and contributions are welcome.
Co-operation is free of charges and financial contributions.
All activities are voluntary. All services are free of charge.

Activities are focussed on the preservation of nature and in the spread of knowledge surrounding possibilities of peaceful cohabitation and the respect for the needs of plants and animals.
Aid for living beings in existential difficulty is provided.
Great significance is given to beneficial interpersonal contact an the exchange of knowledge and experiences.
A friendly, undogmatic and benevolent atmosphere is valued.
Reliable co-operation should provide, joy and happiness. New areas of activity can be developed at any time.
Ideas and suggestions for projects and suggested improvements are collected and are available to those interested.
Within the scope of the naturan way of life, we would gladly be of help in the realisation of any desired non-profit projects.

Many effective activities only necessitate a minor investment of time and energy.
In 10-20 minutes even, useful tasks can be carried out, for example the composition of statements, development and realisation of concepts, correspondence/phone calls, public relations, administration, care of animals and plants, project co-ordination, keeping contacts, administration of non-monetary donations or the approach of a library to see if they are interested in a free copy of the book “Living - without harming or killing Animals or Plants” by A. Wang.

Arrangement of Care for Plants and Animals
The painful trade of living beings should not be supported! We arrange foster care for plants and animals in need.

Material Support
Non-monetary donations of all kinds (animal care products, office materials, household articles etc.) are passed on as a contribution to the preservation of nature. The environmentally damaging production of new products is avoided. At the same time needy or charitable activities can be supported through material contributions.

Statutes of the Naturan Society

The Naturan Society was created to contribute to the preservation of nature for the entirety of all life forms and to help plants, animals and humans in need. The concepts for provision of aid express the naturan way of life which is based on respect for the individual right to existence.
No form of aid provided by the Naturan Society is to be the cause of any existential damage to other living beings.

Naturan is defined as the attempt to live without harm and in harmony with nature and, within the scope of human activities, to regard the need for the undisturbed existence of all life-forms.
The scope of human activities is limited by the necessity to keep oneself, as a living being, alive and through limits of perception.

The Naturan Society bases its activities on the core text of the peaceful naturan way of life, the book “Living - without harming or killing Animals or Plants by A. Wang.

The purpose of the Naturan Society is the protection of nature and her individual forms of life. Part of this aim is the spread of peaceful naturan ways of life, through which human needs and wants are fulfilled in such a way that living beings (plants, animals and humans) and nature are not damaged.

This goal is realised through the following:

  • 1. Promotion of environmental protection in the form of the dissemination of information through the publishing of essays, reports, articles etc. in the print media, on the Internet and as contributions to radio and television programmes. Naturan methods of nature conservation and help for individuals are introduced. The further spread of knowledge occurs in lectures, seminars, consultations, etc.
    Natural spaces are maintained as retreats for plants and animals through protection from interference. To this end, concepts to create and maintain natural living spaces are developed. We support the natural upkeep of land as a place of retreat for plants and animals. What counts is the maintenance of wilderness and its protection from harmful interference. Whole or partial plots of land should be returned to nature for undisturbed development.
  • 2. Promotion of animal protection through the care of animals in need with the goal of release back into their natural territory. In the case of the necessity of constant care, an attempt is made to arrange voluntary foster care.
  • 3. Promotion of plant protection through aid to prevent damage and arrangement of voluntary foster care.
  • 4. Humanitarian aid for people in need is provided with the goal of improving their health or life circumstances until they are in a position to secure their own existence themselves.

The Naturan Society criterion
to qualify for voluntary and free of charge services, is that they cannot lead to an existential disadvantage for living beings (man, animal and plant).
Due to the link between cause and effect, all interventions must be free of violence and the measures taken as caring as possible.

Harmony with nature means peaceful consensus through universal understanding.
In order to experience harmony with nature one needs to be prepared to respect the rights to life of all living beings - plants and animals included.



Book and Contact

The individual Way


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